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16 Therapy sessions: 45 minutes each

You are not alone, we’re here to help you.

Rocket Health's Therapy Plan has:

  • Sixteen 45-minute session with a psychologist or counsellor
  • Ongoing guidance and support

PS: Each session is 45 minutes. Valid for 12 months

After selecting your plan and completing the payment you can select the psychologist you already have and book a session with them again.

Terms & Conditions:


• This pack is valid for 12 months

Reschedule policy:

• Within 24 hours, a rescheduling fee of Rs. 550 is applicable. This fee compensates the professionals for their loss of time

• Cancellations are not permitted.

• No charge is applicable if you reschedule prior to 24 hours.

Refund policy:

• Refunds can be only be issued within 20 days from the date of purchase. This is applicable if your booked session is 24 hours later.

• If a bundle is requested to be refunded after being partly used, the refund amount will be calculated by charging the used sessions from the bundle at the full price of ₹1199

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