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January 12, 2024


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Signs and Symptoms of ADHD in Toddlers in Delhi

Discover the signs and symptoms of ADHD in toddlers, comprehensive information on the disorder, treatment options in India, the benefits of online therapy, and how Rocket Health India can assist in managing ADHD effectively.



ADHD, or Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, is a neurodevelopmental disorder that can be detected in children as young as two or three years old. Because toddlers are typically energetic and sometimes have short attention spans, not all hyperactive or inattentive behaviour in toddlers suggests ADHD.

For toddlers in the city, ADHD can manifest as a puzzling blend of boundless energy and fleeting attention. Identifying signs of ADHD in these young children requires careful observation.. It's common for toddlers to exhibit high activity levels and occasional distractibility, but when these behaviours persist and significantly surpass the expected developmental milestones for their age group, it might signal the presence of ADHD. In the Indian context, where family dynamics and societal expectations play a significant role in child rearing, early recognition and appropriate interventions can pave the way for tailored support that enables toddlers to thrive despite the challenges posed by ADHD.

In the heart of Delhi, toddlers embark on a distinctive journey, navigating the labyrinth of their developing minds amidst the vibrant tapestry of India's capital. ADHD in toddlers unfolds as a blend of boundless energy and fleeting attention, adding a unique chapter to the city's dynamic narrative. In a metropolis where tradition and modernity converge, early recognition and tailored interventions become essential in shaping the trajectory of these young minds facing ADHD challenges. Delhi, with its rich history and fast-paced present, becomes a canvas where the spirited energy of toddlers harmonizes with the urban rhythm, setting the stage for early support and inclusive growth.

Symptoms of ADHD in toddlers

If you see a persistent pattern of the following signs and symptoms that is more severe than in normal children of the same age, you should seek the advice of a healthcare expert. The following are some of the most prevalent indications and symptoms of ADHD in toddlers:

1. Inattention

  • Inability to maintain attention throughout games or activity.

  • Making casual mistakes in activities on a regular basis.

  • Difficulties in task organisation or following directions.

  • Avoiding mental activities that demand persistent effort.

  • Frequent misplacement of goods required for tasks and activities.

2. Hyperactivity

  • Constant fidgeting or tapping of hands and feet.

  • Inability to sit still, especially when it is required.

  • Excessive running or climbing when it is not acceptable.

  • Difficulty taking turns and playing quietly.

  • Excessive talking.

3. Impatience

  • Difficulty waiting one's turn.

  • Interfering with or interrupting others' talks or games.

  • Answering before a question is finished.

  • Difficulty adhering to regulations or standing in line.

Diagnosing ADHD in toddlers

A child cannot be diagnosed with ADHD until they are old enough to attend school. Paediatricians and mental health professionals may base an ADHD diagnosis on the child’s behaviours and other symptoms along with medical testing.

Parents and teachers sometimes  misinterpret certain behaviours for ADHD for hyperactive nature. Diagnosing it  in toddlers can be challenging because behaviours typical of ADHD, like being very active or having a short attention span, are also common in typically developing young children. 

It is important to note that while early signs might suggest ADHD, toddlers' behaviours can change as they grow. Monitoring a child's development and seeking professional advice if concerned is essential for accurate diagnosis and appropriate support.

‍Treatment for ADHD in Toddlers

There are currently no guidelines for treating ADHD in toddlers, however there are certain methods for treating the disorder in children of 4 and above.

Behavioural therapy

Behavioural treatments, such as Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT) and Behavioural Parent Training (BPT), might be beneficial components of a comprehensive ADHD treatment strategy. It is important to highlight, however, that behavioural therapy alone may not always be sufficient for controlling ADHD symptoms, particularly in moderate to severe instances.


If symptoms do not improve with behavioural therapy, and especially if they are moderate to severe, a doctor may recommend stimulant medicines.

Parental training

Some therapists may use play therapy or talk therapy to treat young children with ADHD. Play therapy provides a way for children to communicate their experiences and feelings through play. Talk therapy uses verbal communication between the child and a therapist to treat mental and emotional disorders. 

Online Therapy for ADHD

Online therapy for ADHD provides specialised support through virtual sessions with experienced therapists and psychologists. This format offers tailored treatments, consistent monitoring, and flexible scheduling, enhancing accessibility to expert guidance. Platforms like Rocket Health streamline access to professionals, empowering individuals to develop better coping mechanisms and manage symptoms effectively.


It's crucial to note that many young toddlers exhibit some of these behaviours on occasion since they're still learning self-control and social skills. ADHD is often diagnosed when these behaviours become much more prominent, constant, and affect the child's ability to function in a variety of situations, such as at home, preschool, or daycare. 

If you believe your toddler has ADHD, you should see a healthcare expert, such as a doctor or child psychologist, who can conduct a thorough examination and diagnosis. Early intervention and suitable therapy can help manage ADHD symptoms and help your kid acquire the skills needed to flourish.

Seeking support for your toddler with ADHD? Explore Rocket Health India's specialised online therapy and expert guidance for effective management. Contact us today to begin your journey towards understanding and managing ADHD comprehensively.