It's 2024, why isn't it normal to talk about how you feel, mentally and sexually?

Why is accessing help such a taboo?

Why isn't there a friendlier and seamless way to get treatment

Why isn't there a safe space for people to access mental or sexual healthcare?

Why isn't there a LGBTQ+ friendly healthcare?

In the times of crypto, shouldn't accessing healthcare be simple?

Why haven't we built something better?

Something That's

Rocket Health

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Healthcare that's inclusive

And accessible

Judgement free

Without Stigma

Healthcare that's friendlier

Healthcare that's human first

Cancel Stigma

Cancel Stigma

Cancel Stigma

Cancel Stigma

Cancel Stigma

Cancel Stigma

Founders of Rocket Health- Ritika and Abhineet

Founder's Note

We are a brother-sister duo born in a family of doctors — mom, dad, uncles, aunts, cousins, grandparents, you get the deal. We have experienced how helpful it is having doctors answer queries 24x7.  We also understand that not everyone has the same access to medical help. We believe that technology can help democratise this access to high quality healthcare for everyone.

Having literally grown up in a hospital, we have closely seen challenges faced by doctors in India. Being a doctor herself, Ritika has seen countless patient journeys up close, and experienced doctor's burnout while providing care. A serial tech entrepreneur and a founder in a pharmaceuticals company, Abhineet recently returned to India from the US to pursue his passion for empowering people through tech and build for Bharat.

Being embedded in the system for decades, we are obsessed about filling the gaps in healthcare. We believe that our background and experiences give us unique insights into how digital health is evolving in India, and we are doubling down to build the future of healthcare.

- Dr. Ritika & Abhineet