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Accessing birth control is a basic need, but there is stigma in getting birth control prescribed. We make it simple for women to access trusted birth control prescription from any smartphone. Plans start at INR 340/ month.

Prescribed by gynaecologists

Birth control from all brands, chosen for you

Free, discreet shipping. On time refills reminders

Unlimited messaging with our doctors for six months

Find your birth control

Important Safety Information
Prescription products require an online consultation with a doctor who will determine if a prescription is appropriate.

Birth Control Without Judgement

Birth Control Without Judgement

Birth Control Without Any Judgement

Birth Control Without Any Judgement

Birth Control Without Any Judgement

Online birth control checks all the boxes

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Rocket Health
In- Person

At your convenience

Everything online

No judgement zone

Chat with your doctor 24x7

Discrete doorstep delivery

On time refills

We Heard You

"I remember the first time I went to a doctor for a birth control prescription. She asked me if I was married. Honestly, it took me a while to realise what she meant was if I was sexually active. Your gynaecologists are helping disrupt this stigma 🙌🏽"

"I had no idea I could get birth control this easily. The best thing I have discovered this year. Mind = blown." — Riddhima

"I no longer worry about seeing a gynaecologist in person for birth control. Rocket Health takes care of that, all online." — Shilpi

"I always wanted to get on birth control, but didn't find any hassle-free solution until I discovered you guys. Thank you." — Meghna

How it works?

Meet your medical team

Our medical team comprises of gynaecologists with decades of experience shaping women's health in India. They know birth control, periods, and hormonal health like nobody else. Our favourite thing about them is there passion to provide personalized, non-judgemental care.

Dr Amita Sinha

Chief Gynaecologist, Rocket Health

What types of birth control are there?

Learn more

The right pill for you.

Our expert OB/GYN team has developed an online survey that allows them to get your history, and enables them to prescribe the right birth control pill, personalised to your needs. Get a birth control prescription in 2 minutes.

Birth Control features

Birth control pills can help with

Treating Acne

Skipping Periods

Period Pain

Low Dose Medication

Heavy Periods

Mood Changes

Menstrual Headaches


The easiest way to get birth control.

Get a doctor's prescription with birth control pills at your doorstep.

At your convenience, 24x7

Our doctor helps you find the right pill

Free home delivery and on time refills

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does birth control from Rocket Health cost?

Anyone who requests a birth control prescription will be charged a Rs. 500 consultation fee. This includes unlimited messaging with our doctors about your birth control for six months so you can request prescription changes or ask questions, any time during that period.

Rocket Health offers birth control brands that start at Rs. 260 per month.

If you’d like a price estimate for a specific brand or type of birth control, please connect with our team at care@rockethealth.app

If you would like to order birth control through Rocket Health, start your order here.

Why get birth control online?

Although many people are used to getting birth control through clinics and hospitals, you can now get the same options online for less hassle. Rocket Health offers extensive support to anyone exploring different birth control options, and free shipping once you decide which route you want to take.

Getting birth control online instead of in person has a number of benefits, including:

No Stigma or Judgements
Our doctors give friendly and discreet services without asking your marital status

With Rocket Health, you can request a prescription whenever you want or need it, saving you any scheduling problems or time-consuming trips to the doctor’s office.

When visiting a doctor, you usually only have a few minutes to get all of your questions answered. The medical team here at Rocket Health can answer whatever questions you might have, when you have them.

We have access to a wide range of birth control options that your local pharmacy might not readily have in stock.

We are completely transparent about the charges

Getting your birth control delivered straight to your door means saving money on transportation and the time you may need to take off work to see your doctor.

Getting your birth control online may feel like a leap, so feel free to contact a member of our team for further information.

How does it work?

Once you decide to get birth control online, what exactly happens next? Our process puts you in the driver’s seat:

1. Request your prescription. Just answer a few health questions on our online intake form and pay Rs.500 for your medical consultation (which includes unlimited messaging with our medical team for six months).

2. Our doctors review your health profile. After carefully evaluating your needs, one of our doctors will choose the right birth control for you and write a prescription (if medically appropriate).

3. We deliver your medication. Our pharmacy sends birth control straight to your doorstep. Our prescriptions come in discreet, unmarked packaging in order to protect your privacy. Shipping is always free.

4. At the end of your birth control, we would send you a reminder so that you don’t have to worry about your supply ending.

How is birth control from Rocket Health shipped?

Rocket Health offers free shipping for contraceptives, delivered by Shiprocket via 2-5 day priority shipping. The packaging is discreet, and there is no mention of Rocket Health on the outside of the packaging.

What types of birth control does Rocket Health offer?

We have a wide variety of birth control. We are happy to try to order specific brands if you request them as well.

I don't know what birth control to order. Can Rocket Health help me choose?

Of course, if you’re unsure what type of birth control may work best for you, our doctors will be able to recommend healthy options for you. Just answer a few questions to submit a request and our medical team will help you find the right birth control for you.

How much birth control can I request at one time?

You may choose to have a 3, 6 or 12-month supply of birth control delivered at one time. Getting a 6- or 12-month supply upfront offers convenience because you won’t have to think about birth control for a longer stretch of time. However you should know that once your medication is shipped it is non-returnable and non-refundable per regulations — so if you decide you want to stop birth control or switch to another formula you will not be able receive a refund.

I’m transgender. Is there anything I need to know before requesting a prescription for birth control from Rocket Health?

We recognize that many transgender and nonbinary people have many questions about what kind of birth control is appropriate for them. The Rocket Health medical team will work with you to decide which birth control method is best for you, but the short answer is that any type of birth control is OK, even those that contain estrogen.