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December 11, 2023


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Using Edging to Treat Premature Ejaculation

Premature Ejaculation (PE) is a sexual dysfunction in which you ejaculate way before you or your partner would like and hence cause dissatisfaction in sexual life. This could be frustrating, and might also be accompanied by the desire to evade intimacy.

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Reyana D’Souza
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Malvika Rathi

What is Edging 

Edging is a technique where you get yourself very close to the climax without going over, followed by a pause till the yearning is gone, and then getting back to stimulation. 

It is sometimes also referred to as "teasing", "orgasm control", and "surfing". Edging comes with practice as you recognise the point of climax, which will help you to prolong sexual intercourse. 

Working of Edging

You almost reach an orgasmic reaction when you edge. This phase of the sexual response cycle is a very brief moment during which you are reasonably certain that you will come if sexual stimulation continues. It continues right up till the ultimate ejaculatory moment.  

A session of edging involves stimulating oneself (or having a partner stimulate you). You pull back before letting yourself climax. You could, in a sense, change gears by slowing down or modifying the stimulation or stopping and taking a break. If desired, you can then repeat the procedure.

Types of Edging

There are different types of techniques, and you will have to try them out patiently to discover which of these works best for you. The wait to find the right one might be a little frustrating but remember the overall goal has to be met, that is, to increase your sexual satisfaction. 

Squeeze Technique 

You engage in sexual activity normally until you are almost ready to ejaculate. After that, ask your partner to squeeze your penis at the joint where the head (glans) and the shaft meet. Until the need to come fades, hold the pressure for a few seconds. This can be repeated numerous times in a single session. It's a good idea to ensure that the end is gratifying. 

Stop-start Technique 

You can use the stop-start technique when masturbating alone or when you are involved with a partner. When you are touching yourself and feel as though you are ready to come, stop fully and back off until the urge to ejaculate has passed. Then, resume stroking yourself. 

In a single session, you are free to repeat this as often as you desire. With practice, you'll be able to spot when you're getting close to an orgasm and can take a break to gather your thoughts before continuing—and intensifying—sexual activity.

Ballooning Technique 

This method involves Kegel exercises which are aimed at strengthening your pelvic floor muscles. You might not be able to put off ejaculation if those muscles are weak. Additionally, the quality of your orgasms might be enhanced by having stronger pelvic floor muscles.

You have to identify the pelvic floor muscles to do Kegel, and one way of doing this is to stop urinating in the middle of the action to locate them. Kegel exercises involve contracting and holding the very same muscles before relaxing. 

You stimulate yourself to the very edge of irreversibility when ballooning. Then, when you take a step back, you do Kegels and wait for your erection to fade away. After that, you repeat the process while re-stimulating yourself to full arousal. 

Pros of Edging 

Apart from helping you treat Premature Ejaculation, you can improve your sexual health and retrain your body to have sex more joyfully. You're also getting to know your body better. The idea is to learn how to recognise this sensation so you may slow down, restart foreplay, or do anything else that will postpone your ejaculation until both you and your partner are fulfilled sexually.

Risks associated with edging 

Even though people find edging useful for improving PE, it might not be for everyone. Some people think edging is too robotic and concentrates too much on orgasmic physiology. It might be argued that it hinders closeness and passion while interrupting sex. Edging also disregards the psychological and communicative components of sexual activity.

Different treatment options for Premature Ejaculation 

Edging is just one of the ways of managing PE, and there are other options available which might seem more comfortable and accessible to you. Additionally, you can combine these options with Edging as well. 


The tension and anxiety related to PE can also be managed with the aid of psychotherapy. To assist you in managing your symptoms, a qualified therapist can provide you with some skills to utilise before, during, and after a sexual experience.

Our non-judgemental therapists at Rocket Health can help you from the comfort of your home! Schedule a consultation with our therapists today to get help with PE. 


Selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, or SSRIs, are a class of antidepressants that have the effect of slowing ejaculation. These drugs, as the name suggests, block the brain from absorbing serotonin, the "feel-good" brain chemical. 

It is vital to discuss your medications with a doctor and get a prescription. Our doctors are specialised in the treatment of PE and can help you design the best course of action which is comfortable for you. Click the link below to get started. 

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