Bidisha Samanta

Bidisha Samanta is trained in Clinical Psychology from the historic Rajabazar Science College, University of Calcutta (B. Sc, M. Sc, M. Phil) and registered under the Rehabilitation Council of India.

She is fluent in Bengali, English and Hindi. She is proficient in handling adjustment issues, anxiety, depression, personality difficulties,  addiction, relationship and sexual health difficulties, emotional and behavioral issues in children, and geriatric problems (dementia assessment, managing neuro-cognitive impairment, caregiver distress). She believes in working with empathy, and efficacy while providing a safe space. She commonly uses behavioral, cognitive behavioral, 3rd wave approaches.

Ms Samanta also has extensive experience working with cancer patients and family members/ caregivers during her tenure as a Fellow in the Department of Psycho-oncology at Tata Medical Center, Kolkata, IN.  She specializes in dealing with direct and indirect effects of cancer (paediatric, adult, palliative) on life, problems with coping, grief, loss, and bereavement.

Talk to me about: emotional and adjustment difficulties, anxiety, depression, personality issues, addiction (smoking and drinking problems), cancer effects, pain and palliation, grief and loss, post-cancer/survivorship issues, caregiver stress, burnout, children’s issues, and geriatric problems.