Leesha Agarwal | Founder - Adah by Leesha

Leesha Agarwal is the founder and owner of Adah by Leesha. It's a zero-waste clothing brand that she started around five years ago.

It's an online e-commerce brand, and apart from that, she also has a full-time marketing job 👩‍💻

What is your morning routine like?

My routine was very different a few years ago when I was a full-time founder, and that's all I did because I used to always wake up with like 100 things to do in my head. 

It would be more like wake-up and just opening my laptop and starting my work, but I put effort into changing my morning routine since I've shifted to Bangalore. 

I've started waking up early. I'm a 7 AM person now. I take my morning slowly 🌞

I go and sit on my balcony, soak in the sun, chill with my cat, have breakfast, and think about what all I have to do and not just directly get into it  🐱

What do you do in the evenings?

I've been very interested in cooking recently, so evenings usually go, “What is something that I can cook that is healthy but also exciting and fun to eat?” 🥗

So that is one thing that is constant throughout my evenings. Apart from that, the one thing that I try to keep constant is, do something different. 

Just doing a different activity or meeting someone fun and just really unwinding and not doing anything related to work 🚲

After my job gets over, I give a couple of hours to Adha, and then after that, anything I do has nothing related to work.

How do you manage your workload?

I think being disciplined and maintaining a schedule sounds very hustling, but that's really not what I'm about. 

I like having a to-do list, and putting things in a calendar really helps, and it actually excites me.

I love taking things off my To Do List 📆

How do you Identify areas to improve?

With Adah, it's easier because wherever I go wrong, the repercussion is felt by me. I handle all things about the brand.

If the marketing campaign goes wrong, I can see the effect on sales. An order goes wrong, a product is not well made, there is customer feedback instantly ✍

I don't even have to identify it. It comes very quickly to me. 

In terms of my job areas to improve, I think it constantly comes from the fact that I realize I don't know certain things, and there are certain things that you're very confident about what you're doing.

 So wherever I'm underconfident, that's an area of improvement  💪


What do you do for your mental health?

A cat does help a lot. Any pet, actually 🦮

Apart from that, I think I used to go to therapy. I haven't been very consistent. I'm not very proud of that.

I think just really putting a hard stop to my working hours and giving time to myself and the whole morning routine that I've set for myself.

So doing all of these smaller steps for my mental health, and I also started journaling but will start therapy soon 🥰


Any advice for entrepreneurs and team leaders?

Nowadays, startups are being built where everyone wants to grow super fast.

It's important to take care of your employees because if you don’t, it's going to crash and burn 🔥

There is a clear prioritisation that has been happening in startups that I have been seeing in Bangalore, where they do prioritise mental health, and even a lot of companies pay for therapy and give you time off. 

Founders have become more empathetic 😄

I feel like we are shifting there, and entrepreneurs who don't believe in it will see the repercussions in the team's performance.

It's a very non-measurable impact, but it is a very heavy impact.

Thank you 🧡