Yo yo yo,

Wishing you and your loved ones a very Happy New Year. As always we are rooting for you. May this year be as amazing as you are.

Btw, we still can’t believe 2023 is over. Didn’t it turn out a memorable year for a number of reasons?

  • Chandrayaan 3 made a successful landing on the Moon’s south pole 🇮🇳
  • Virat Kohli bowed to Sachin Tendulkar after completing his 50th ODI century 🙇
  • Deepveer’s Koffee with Karan episode stirred mental health discussions everywhere on socials 🤳
  • Moye Moye became the song of the year 🎶

This year turned out a great year for us too. Sharing some significant wins with you:

  • We provided 57,000+ consultations and impacted more than 24,000+ lives overall
  • We added 37 new mental health professionals to our team
  • We now provide therapy in 13 languages to our users from diverse backgrounds
  • We started providing diagnostics at home for our mental and sexual health users
  • We now have personality disorder testing for our users

Overall, we worked day in and out (quite literally) to improve the quality of care imparted to our users 🫶

Do you know what motivates us? Users like you, who our team members love talking about 🧡

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Thank you for being so vulnerable and expressive with us. We are happy to see you grow and glow 🫂

Merry X-mas 🐶

Our Chief Laziness Officer (Cleo) celebrated Christmas with all of us and got some photos clicked too.

When asked about her work progress and updates, she said she is struggling with controlling her cuteness factor these days. Do you have any message for her?

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What’s new in mental health? 📩

Our 2024 report is finally here. We surveyed 1,30,689 people regarding their mental health concerns and some of the insights were eye-opening.

  • There was a 25% increase in men who signed up for therapy as compared to the last year.
  • 66% of people had self-harm thoughts for a prolonged period.
  • 52% of people who opt for couples therapy live away from their partners.

If you want to know more such interesting facts, find the report here.

We are going viral 😲

We have been out and about creating relatable content for our lovely audience and have seen some great reactions. Two of our reels have 1 million+ views (not us casually flexing 👀). You can stalk all our content here.

Screenshot 2023-12-26 at 4.15.39 PM.png

We’ll write to you again in February, aka the month of love. Please take care of yourself till then (and always).

We are sure this is going to be your year 🤜 🤛