Vartika Singh

Counselling Psychologist

Vartika Singh has completed her Master’s and Bachelor’s in psychology from the University of Delhi. A highly compassionate Counseling Psychologist with over 3 years of experience in teaching and counseling. Additionally, she has a diploma in guidance and counselling. Her areas of expertise include depression, anxiety, stress, anger, adjustment issues, relationship concerns, workplace difficulties, self-esteem, self-improvement, post-partum depression, sexual concerns, and growth and development of the individual.  She believes that therapy is as a collaborative process between the client and the therapist where the client can explore various parts of themself in a safe, empathic, non-judgemental, and understanding environment. She believes therapy provides a space for people to express their socio-political and cultural identities which may not have found a voice outside the setting. She is a reflective practitioner with an eclectic approach to understanding mental health issues and she hopes to create a holding space for your emotions, feelings, anxieties, and fears, to work towards strengthening your sense of self and and bringing some kind of personal evolution.

Talk to me about – Mental health, depression, anxiety, stress, workplace concerns, relationship/marriage counselling, post-partum depression substance-use, emotional difficulties, sexual concerns, post-partum Depression, and Understanding self.

Hobbies – Writing, Dancing, and meeting new people 

Languages – English and Hindi