April Recap 🔁

May 10, 2023

This month is mix of indie rock, punk, and pop tunes is perfect for those who are feeling a little rebellious and want to embrace their inner anti-hero.

Starting off with "Sucks to be human" by the F16s, a catchy and upbeat indie rock tune that will make you dance your way out of any bad mood. "I'm this" by PCRC is a punchy punk rock song that will make you want to throw your fists up in the air and rebel against the norm.

Closing out the playlist is "Anti-hero" by none other than Taylor Swift, about embracing your flaws and not conforming to society's expectations.

And, don’t worry each month we’ll compile a curation of songs that we can’t get enough of. Some popular, some new, some old favourites dancing in our heads through our earphones.

Check out the playlist to see what we’ve been  listening to this month, and maybe hop on our discord to recommend songs for May!

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