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Compassionate Support For Your Cancer Journey

Cancer impacts everyone differently - patients, survivors, loved ones. Our psycho-oncology experts provide specialized therapy to help you navigate through your challenges. Find strength, resilience and hope with personalized care tailored to your needs.

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"The fight against cancer is tough, lonely and long. I'm glad that the cancer care therapy at Rocket Health was able to help me. The best part was that is was easily accessible from home as it was tough for me to go out."

Sangeeta K

"I often neglected my own emotional needs while focusing on my loved one's care. Therapy reminded me of the importance of self-care and setting boundaries. It provided me with the tools to navigate the caregiver role without sacrificing my own well-being."

Raveena H

"Even though I'm cancer-free now, the emotional scars remain. Body image issues, social anxiety, and feelings of isolation still haunt me. But therapy has been invaluable in helping me work through these lingering effects and rediscover my confidence."

Rekha N

After beating cancer, I struggled to find my 'new normal.' Therapy provided me with a safe space to process the trauma I had experienced and develop a plan for moving forward."

Ravi K

"The chemo took such a toll on my body, I didn't feel like myself anymore. But my therapist helped me through the physical and emotional changes. She validated my feelings of loss and grief over my former self."

Usha M

"As a caregiver, I was scared, anxious, and nervous. Their guidance helped me better understand what my mother was going through while I also continued with my life"

Kareena B

"Watching my wife's brave fight against this disease broke my heart over and over again.. I had no clue how I could live my life normally. If it wasn't for my therapist, I don't think I could have felt better ever again

Ajay N.

"My friend told me about Rocket Health. Going to the hospital every other day to meet my Dad took a toll on my Mental health. I'm so grateful to my therapist for helping me get out of my dark phase"

Saakshi M

"I felt like I was living at the hospital with my husband's treatments. Having someone to talk to about balancing his care and my own life was invaluable."

Reshmita  J.

"The 3 a.m. panic about whether the cancer would return was crippling. I'm glad I found Rocket Health. My therapist helped me be in the present instead of being anxious and scared of the future.

Rohini K.

"I was extremely devasted when I found my grandma had cancer. I wasn't able to eat, sleep, or even focus on anything.  I'm so grateful this service exists.

Simran J.

How it works?

Our team can help you address difficulties related to:

Fear of recurrence

Anxiety Icon

Uncertainty, and loss of control

Depressed Guy

Caregiver burnout or distress

Compassion fatigue

Adjusting to life after cancer

Body image and self-esteem concerns

Relationship and communication challenges

Finding meaning, purpose and joy

Who you'll be working with

Licensed healthcare professionals

We're proud to offer access to experienced mental health professionals - who won't judge you or your problems - be it psychologists, psychiatrists - you're in amazing hands.

Somdatta Mukherjee

Lead Clinical Psychologist (RCI registered)

Bidisha Samanta

RCI Registered Clinical Psychologist

Sucharita Chatterjee

Supervising Clinical Psychologist (RCI registered)

Discreet and holistic care

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Our Community

With COVID in line, so many of us are feeling isolated right now. At Rocket Health we don't just treat you but also welcome you to join our community to find peers who understand what you are going through.

(Coming Soon)

With COVID in line, so many of us are feeling isolated right now. At Rocket Health we don't just treat you but also welcome you to join our community to find peers who understand what you are going through.

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Designed and vetted by our team of leading experts in mental health.

Designed and vetted by our team of leading experts in mental health

Find Strength for the Journey

You don't have to go through this experience alone. Our psycho-oncology counselors will provide caring, personalized support tailored to your unique situation and needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is cancer care therapy?
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Cancer care therapy focuses on the mental, emotional and social effects of cancer. It provides counseling to help patients and caregivers cope with the emotional challenges related to cancer.

What kinds of issues does it address?
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Common issues include anxiety, depression, fear, grief, relationship strain, self-image concerns, caregiver distress, burnout, health anxiety and adjustment issues, and coping with survival.

Who can benefit from Rocket Health's cancer care services?
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Both cancer patients and their caregivers/family members can benefit. A cancer experience affects the entire family unit and support system.

When should I seek counseling?
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There's no wrong time. Some seek support immediately after diagnosis, while others need help adjusting to life after treatment ends. Counseling can benefit you at any point.

I'm exhausted from caregiving. Can counseling help?
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Counselors can guide you through ways to prevent burnout, set boundaries, share responsibilities with others, and make time for your own needs.