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November 4, 2022


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How do I know I need to start therapy

You’re exhausted from work and you cannot take another minute of it. You return home and your body refuses to complete any of the chores. You’ve sat down to unwind with a cup of coffee and your favourite Netflix show but those negative thoughts keep creeping up on you.

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Malvika Rathi

Does this situation sound familiar?

At times, our emotions get the best of us and we feel so overwhelmed and overpowered, we can’t seem to catch a breather. Our pain starts manifesting physically in the form of excessive sweating, poor eating, and strained relationships. 

Wondering how one can come out of this vicious cycle? Well, therapy is the first step to end this cycle and start your healing journey. If you are wondering what are the exact signs one must look out for to consider therapy, here are some pointers.

You have too much on your plate

If you constantly feel overwhelmed, you should take a moment to step back and gather your thoughts and feelings. Bottling up emotions is not healthy. If you don’t have a judgement-free and safe space to vent, online therapy can help you deal with your emotions. 

Another sign you need to look out for is if you are having frequent emotional outbursts and cannot stop crying over things.

You are using substances more frequently to cope

It may be a sign that you have trouble coping if you find yourself heading to the liquor cabinet for a bottle every night and allowing your emotions to govern your actions. 

While substance abuse can help us feel better temporarily, it also leads to severe addiction problems and isn't a healthy way to cope. This is a sign you need to work through your problems more healthily instead.

You feel dull about the things that used to excite you

Did painting give you solace before? Did you feel liberated splashing colours against the canvas? If you now find painting tiresome and don’t enjoy the process as much as you used to, chances are that you need some help getting back on track. It is okay sometimes not to enjoy the activities you dearly love, but it is a red flag if this becomes more frequent.

You have trouble sleeping

The majority of the time, when people think of insomnia, they picture a problem falling asleep at night. However, insomnia can also take the form of waking up early and having trouble falling back to sleep or repeatedly during the night. Your ability to sleep is a good indicator of your mental and emotional well-being. Frequent troubles in falling or staying asleep indicate deeper emotional issues. 

You are not able to handle your relationships

Do you find it challenging to hang out with your friends? Are you constantly in a tiff with your partner? These are some of the signs that you are not able to manage your relationships well, and therapy could help you change that. 

The social world can seem quite complex, and taking some help to navigate it will put your stress at ease. You can learn how to communicate better in therapy and have more fulfilling, honest, and productive relationships. 

You need to talk to an unbiased person

Talking to a therapist is different from talking to your best friend or a relative. We are at crucial junctures in our lives where we need a trusted, unbiased person to help us make the right decisions. A therapist is objective and impartial, doesn't become weary or burdened by your visit, and is someone you can completely rely on to keep your information private. 

Additionally, you might have tried speaking about something to your loved ones but might not have received the response you anticipated (which is alright, since they are not trained to provide assistance like a therapist would). In such cases, talking to a therapist can help!

You’ve experienced trauma recently

Going through trauma can be life-altering. It can be extremely difficult to come out of it even if you have a solid support system. People try to suppress their trauma which will only lead to an unhealthy outburst when it surfaces years later. Investing your time in pressing issues at present can help you get through traumatic experiences.

Seeing a therapist can be quite liberating if you’ve been through a miscarriage, the death of a loved one, or have been mistreated at work. 

You want to rediscover yourself

Have you ever felt lost- like you don’t know yourself anymore? While it seems straight out of a movie, trust us, it is normal to feel this way. Sometimes, we aren’t sure about the career we have opted for and the decisions we make every day. Therapy can help you unravel any questions you might have about yourself and the path you have chosen in life. It also allows you to understand who you truly are. This way, therapy is quite empowering and can reward you in ways you might have never imagined.

Final Words

Starting therapy is a big moment in one’s life and it can seem jittery. 

We expect our minds to function perfectly alright 24x7 not realising they aren’t machines. Therapy can help put a lot of things into perspective and help us reevaluate critical life choices. It’s a great investment towards a happier, healthier, and more fulfilling life. 

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