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November 7, 2023


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The 10 Best Books For Mental Health Improvement

There’s no denying that reading is fun and intellectually stimulating. But who knew it could do wonders for our mental health too? Find out about the 10 best psychology mental health books in this article!

Reviewed by
Reyana D’Souza
Written by
Paridhi Gupta

How Can Reading Improve Mental Health?

Ask any voracious reader, and they’ll list out a bunch of reasons why reading is so beneficial and why it’s their favourite thing to do. But other than being interesting, reading offers a bunch of mental health benefits. Many studies have shown that reading can actually help in reducing stress (at times by 68%!) because it reduces the tension in the muscles and reduces heart rate. 

It’s no secret that books are the closest thing we have to a portal to other worlds, and so books allow us a healthy escape from the hassles of daily life and become someone else for a little bit. Plus, the more we read, the more perspectives we have access to. This has a positive effect on our empathy levels as well. And, of course, like any hobby or interest, books connect us with others who are drawn to the same things as us! There are countless reading clubs, discussion groups, and online spaces for readers, which help facilitate socialisation. 

But what are some of the best mental health books of all time? Let’s find out! Who knows, maybe one of these could become your next favourite!

10 Best Books For Mental Health Improvement


Written by Francesc Miralles and Hector Garcia, there are few who haven’t heard of this global phenomenon by now. As the name suggests, this book is based on the Japanese concept of Ikigai – what makes one get out of bed every morning. The teachings of this book are based on the lives of the natives of Okinawa Island, whose citizens seem to lead longer, happier lives than the global average.

At its core, the Ikigai philosophy teaches us to embrace our true selves and do what makes us happy so that we wake up every morning with a purpose, to do something that truly connects us with who we are. It is no surprise, then, that this has become one of the must-read books on mental health.

The Body Keeps The Score: Brain, Mind, And Body In The Healing Of Trauma

Written by Dr Bessel van der Kolk, it is a wonderfully poignant book on the impacts of trauma on overall functioning. This book will draw your attention to the overlooked prevalence of trauma in our society and the way its effects continue to reside within our bodies and minds for years and decades if not adequately dealt with and integrated correctly.

Dr. van der Kolk also talks about the latest advances in trauma treatment, and their implications for society at large, making this one of the best books for mental health professionals.

Maybe You Should Talk To Someone

Written by psychotherapist Lori Gottlieb, this book provides an inside look into a therapist’s world. The book highlights the convergence of the therapist’s own problems and that of their clients, ultimately bringing the reader closer to a crucial life lesson - at the end of the day, we’re all going through similar struggles, similar insecurities and have similar needs as humans.

5 Minute Therapy: A Therapist’s Guide To Navigating Life’s Highs And Lows

Sarah Crosby brings the benefits of therapy to her readers in this perfectly structured book, with short chapters and exercises covering a wide range of topics that concern our mental health, such as boundaries, attachments, healthy self-talk, working around our triggers, and reparenting ourselves.

How To Do The Work

With countless positive reviews, this wonderful book on self-growth and mental health by Dr Nicole LePera combines her understanding and expertise in mental, physical, and spiritual health to bring a holistic perspective of well-being to the reader.

Unlearn: 101 Simple Truths For A Better Life

Written by the very well-known rapper Humble The Poet, Unlearn is a self-empowerment book unlike any other. Written in a candid and empowering style, it helps the reader challenge their conventions, let go of problematic and unhelpful habits and relearn an entirely new perspective toward life and growth.

Toxic Positivity: Keeping It Real In A World Obsessed With Being Happy

If there’s a term that has found meaning in everyone’s lives in the last few years, it’s toxic positivity. In a world filled with people throwing around phrases like “good vibes only” and practically running away from the harsh reality of sadness and struggles, Whitney Goodman reminds us to embrace the truths of life, to feel comfortable in the knowledge that life really isn’t a bed of roses all the time, and to speak our truth no matter what, especially when people would much rather see us with fake smiles and positivity.

Know Your Worth

In this fast-changing world, we’ve all lost track of who we are, and this identity crisis and low self-worth can manifest themselves as exhaustion, perfectionism, workaholic tendencies, and imposter syndrome. In one of the best mental health books for young adults, Anna Mathur reminds us of the need to reclaim and embrace our intrinsic self-worth instead of trying to acquire it through external sources. 

The Comfort Book

This is a truly wholesome and feel-good book by Matt Haig. Just as the name suggests, The Comfort Book serves as a gentle reminder on the worst of days that they are only temporary and fleeting. In the turmoil of daily life, this book provides steady, gentle, and unflinching support to the reader, making it one of the best mental health books 2022.

Declutter Your Mind

Written by Barrie Davenport and S.J. Scott, this is one of the best books for mental health and anxiety. It focuses on the principles of mindfulness, and their effectiveness in reducing anxiety, worry, and negative thinking caused by mental overwhelm and the inability to manage daily tasks. It is filled with easily practicable exercises that can clear the mind and boost mental well-being.

Need Help?

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