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November 4, 2022


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When it comes to sex, does size really matter?

Have you ever wondered if the size of your (or your partner’s) penis affects your sex life? Read this to find out!

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TL;DR: no! Contrary to popular belief, penis size does not affect how good (or bad) the sex is. It also does not directly impact the duration on intensity of erections, penetrative sex, and/or orgasms. Let us take a closer look at the link between penis size and your sex life.

Bigger doesn’t mean better

As opposed to what you see in porn or hear about in popular discourse, a bigger penis does not always equate to ‘better sex’ or ‘stronger orgasms’. In fact, too much length or girth can sometime be painful for your partner during any form of penetrative sex (use lube, and plenty of it, if you want to avoid that). Bigger penises are also more prone to injuries. However, the cons are not the norm; they are just our way to highlight that with great size, great sex is not a given.

Smaller isn’t all bad

Size doesn’t matter, literally. That is proven by the fact that a smaller penis is often easier to handle in bed or during oral sex. On top of that, it can also be easily guided by your partner(s) to ensure a more pleasurable experience for both of you. If you think a smaller penis size is getting in your way of having a great sex life, it might be time to switch up sex positions and techniques. 

Discuss this with your partner, share with each other what you are comfortable with, and try a few new (or not often explored) sex position until you figure out what works, and then get better at it (our go-to tip for that involves practice and effective communication).

Is there a link between size and stamina?

No, there is no direct link between penis size and stamina. You can be well endowed and still find it hard to get an erection or last long enough in bed. This reinstates the fact that during sex, it comes down to how you use what you have and not what you have in the first place. You should also keep in mind that stamina is affected by several other physical health concerns, which can include something as common as a back injury. Plus, stamina is a dynamic factor; you can always work toward lasting longer by implementing certain lifestyle changes, taking care of your physical and mental health, or seeing a doctor if required. 

Quick side note - your penis size does not affect your fertility as well, which means that regardless of how well endowed you are down there, you can always conceive! 

How does penis size affect your sex life?

So, how does penis size affect your sex life then? Well, what affects your sex life is not the size of your penis. It is the expectations and insecurities about the ideal penis size that usually takes a toll on your sexual relationship(s). 

While talking about body image issues, we do not often include our genitals but that does not spare us from worrying about its size. Due to misconceptions and a lack of sexual awareness, smaller penises are often considered to be low-performing, undesirable, or even impotent! It goes without saying that none of those claims are accurate. However, it is still completely normal to feel insecure about your size. What helps is reminding yourself constantly that a penis, no matter its size, can be used effectively as long as you and your partner (if you have one and are sexually active with them) are open to discussing your insecurities, trying different strategies in bed, and working toward the solution together!

Need help?

Unfortunately, sexual health is still largely stigmatised in our country. That is why having strong social support can help you openly discuss your concerns and understand yourself and you sexual preferences better. Join us at our welcoming and warm community, Cancel Stigma, where stories and people matter!