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Last longer and harder. No more in person awkward conversations and judgements. We make it simple for men to access help from real doctors for their sexual health.

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Birth control pills

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We Heard You

"I like that Rocket Health has actual doctors prescribing medicines which is personalised to you. Before this I used to be super confused with so many products in the market." — Ashish

"ED is linked to the perception of failed masculinity. Therefore, most Indian men prefer to hide and do not seek medical treatment. It's unfortunate because it's a condition that can be easily treated."

"I never gathered the courage to go to a hospital and tell them about my sexual health issues but accessing such a private consult made me feel comfortable"
— Hardik

"We recently got married and were facing issues with our sex life and didn't know who to talk about it. It was really tough to find the right treatment as there are so many different products available online. Finding Rocket Health gave us access to doctors who prescribed us to the right medicines." — Meghna and Puneet

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How it works?

DR. Ratan Kumar

Meet your medical team

Our medical team comprises of urologists, psychiatrists, and physicians with decades of experience shaping men's health in India. They have seen the apprehension and hesitation faced by men to get medical help. Our favourite thing about them is there passion to provide personalized, non-judgemental care.

Dr Ratan Kumar, mbbs, ms

Head of Men's Health, Rocket Health

You are not alone

81% of men report sexual health issues.

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They’re not just doctors—they’re experts

We are not in the business of selling products and quick fixes. Our expert doctors focus on providing the best sexual healthcare personalised to your needs. No unnecessary supplements and pills.

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What can we help you with


Erectile Dysfunction







The easiest way to get help

Sexual health treatment should be judgement free—and now it is

Birth control pills

Fully confidential and secure

Birth control pills

Our doctor helps you find the right treatment

Birth control pills

Free home delivery of the medications if prescribed

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much does the consultation from Rocket Health cost?
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Our doctor consultation is priced at  Rs.1200  Rs.1000. This includes a call consultation and unlimited messaging with our doctors regarding your queries for one month so you can ask your questions, any time during that period.

What type of issues does Rocket Health offer treatment for?
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Almost 81% of men report sexual health issues sometime in their life. Rocket Health provides a platform to address these issues which can be awkward to talk about, in-person.

We can help you with:
Erectile Dysfunction (ED) - trouble having and maintaining erections 🍆
Premature Ejaculation (PE) - early climax 💦
Low Libido - decrease sexual drive ⚡️ 
Performance Anxiety 😥 

To start a consult with our doctors, click here.

How does it work?
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It’s not easy to open up about our sex life and performance issues. Our expert-doctors will provide you with a safe and judgement-free space, and are standing by to help you figure out what’s right for you. 


1.  Answer a few health questions on our online intake form and pay Rs.1000 for your consultation with our sexual health doctor (which also includes unlimited messaging for one month). You can even add on a therapy session.

2. Attend the consult with our doctors at the scheduled time. Our doctors review your health profile, evaluate your needs, and advise you for the right treatment during the consultation.

3.  Our pharmacy sends medicines straight to your doorstep (if prescribed). Our prescriptions come in discreet, unmarked packaging in order to protect your privacy. Shipping is always free.

4.  Get continued care from our medical team

Is my information confidential?
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We, at Rocket Health, believe in providing a safe, judgement-free space for you to access treatment for your sexual wellness. All details would be kept completely confidential and would only be shared with your doctor or therapist.

How is the medicine from Rocket Health shipped?
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Rocket Health offers free shipping for medicines, delivered by Shiprocket via 2-5 day priority shipping. The packaging is discreet, and there is no mention of Rocket Health on the outside of the packaging.

I feel frustrated about these issues. Is there some support along with the medicines? 
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We understand that talking about sexual health issues can be awkward. When you’re unsure and feeling frustrated, we also offer confidential & anonymous therapy sessions. Medication or no medication, therapy can be beneficial for you to rid yourself of all those frustrating thoughts & feelings.

Is the doctor LGBTQIA+ friendly?
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Yes, our doctors are inclusive and informed.

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