Abhineet Kumar | Founder - Rocket Health

Abhineet Kumar is the founder of Rocket Health 🚀

Abhineet started Rocket Health with his sister Dr. Ritika Sinha in December 2021. Having literally grown up in a hospital, they have closely seen the challenges faced by doctors in India. Abhineet is a serial tech entrepreneur and a founder of a pharmaceutical company. He decided to move back to India and now, together they are building mental healthcare for India 🇮🇳

What do your mornings look like?

I try to wake up early so that I can start my day around 6:30 AM by cycling in northern Bangalore. After my cycling session, I take my dog for a walk, and we explore the neighborhood. After that, I chill a bit with myself and introspect. I get my To-Do List started and get ready for work ☀️

What do you do in the evenings?

In the evenings I take a walk with Cleo again. She is our dog here at Rocket Health. We try to get another walk in the evenings so that is a good break. But if I'm working I try to catch up on lighter work-related calls 🧑🏻‍💻

Later in the evenings when I'm like taking a break, I like exploring the neighborhood outside mostly.

How do you maintain a work-life balance?

“I think there was a time when I didn't know how to maintain a work-life balance and I think now I've come to a spot where I realized that it's important to take steps back when needed for your mental health.”

So one definitely is like when you are feeling like taking a break, please do take a break. So that's something I take very frequent breaks.

It helps that I have a very understanding co-founder and an amazing team who understand when you need a break. And I like to play sports. I love cycling, having conversations with people exploring new places, or catching a cup of coffee ☕️

That works for me.

How do you stay on top of trends related to your work?

I think for me that is Twitter. I have a curated list of people who I follow in different industries, in finance, business, technology, startups, and healthcare.

“I just try to learn from everyone's thought leadership and read a few things here and there.”

Lately, I haven’t gotten a lot of time to read, so Twitter has become a go-to source for news and information 📰

What do you do for your mental health?

I take therapy. I like being in therapy once in a while just sometimes to discuss what's going on in my life. It really helps me get clarity. But apart from that, I believe sports are a big part. I love cycling, or generally things that involve outdoor activity of any sort are very therapeutic to me 🚵🏻‍♀️

“And I think that when you have a dog around, it just eases off the pressure. So to every entrepreneur or everyone in a high-pressure job, I would say having a dog really helps too.” 

Any advice to other entrepreneurs?

“You are not your job. You are not your startup. So whether your startup is doing amazing or bad on some days, know that you and your startup are very different. So take care of yourself, prioritize yourself, and learn to remember that your happiness also matters.”

To do that, you will have to take frequent breaks every once in a while. You have to recharge yourself. You have to take a weekend off once in a while. And sometimes, we might get burnt out if we are not cognizant of that. Being cognizant helps you to know when to pause a little bit, recharge and get back again. 

Take care of your mind and your health 🧡