Ankita Agarwal | CEO's Office - SaaS Labs

Ankita Agarwal works at SaaS Labs, which is a SaaS company, and she looks at both business and product for one of their SaaS products, Helpwise. She believes to have an open culture where anybody can come to you and speak about things. 

What is your morning routine like?

I wake up at around 8:30. Then I go for a work out 🏃‍♀️

I come back, freshen up, and have some breakfast.

I create a to-do list because that really helps me set the tone for the rest of the day and make it productive

What do you do in the evenings?

In the evening, by the time I get done with work, it's a bit late.

I have some food. I hang out with a couple of friends for an hour or so, I read some blogs, I play poker sometimes, or I just catch something on Netflix 😊

How do you manage your workload?

I don’t do this every day. I try to break down my tasks.

I take a break after every task I complete as it keeps me more refreshed, recharged and focused. 

It's also about managing your meetings in the right way. So have them in the period of the day. You don't have to do individual work. Plan and delegate work efficiently in your meetings, and the entire team can work on the same goal. That helps take the pressure off 💪

How do you Identify areas to improve?

I introspect a lot. I take time to invest in what went wrong.

The second biggest source is feedback.

I try to actively seek feedback, whether it's from my team or from my superiors.

And I think any feedback from an external party gives you a lot to think about. That's how I identify my areas of improvement, and I try to work on them 😇

What do you do for your mental health?

I have conditioned myself to this particular mantra that

if you're in a situation where you can't really do anything about it, there's no point in worrying about it, and if there's something you can do, then plan about it. 

We are all humans, so we all go through those emotional upheavals. One of the cliche things I do is some yoga and meditation 🧘‍♀️

Apart from that, I tried therapy recently. I was feeling quite low, and I would say that really helped. It also helps to have a few people and just go to their home just to talk. 

Any advice to other entrepreneurs?

The first thing which I think is easier said than done is

have an open culture where anybody can come to you and speak about things.

To give an example, there was somebody from my team who once came up to me and said that they were not feeling mentally well. They were a little bit depressed and knew their performance was reflecting on their work, but after sharing it with me, they immediately felt better.

Apart from that, I think companies can definitely have some mental health perks.

There is physical health insurance but why not for mental health 🧐

We can run an anonymous survey to get a sense of the mental health of your employees and find out if certain stresses at work can be reduced.