Ishan Vyas | Growth Head - Nira Finance

Ishan Vyas is heading growth at Neera. They largely provide small ticket loans for people who have needs, especially for middle-income India. They also focus on making sure that end to end this business is running really well. 

What does your morning routine like?

I wake up at around 6:30 am to 7:00 am every day. Have a black coffee and try to work out at least four times a week. Then I head to the office and then my day starts ☕

The first thing I do after reaching the office is:

 I try to understand what has happened the previous day, get into stand-up, and then learn about things that took place yesterday. 

Accordingly, I plan the action for what is required to be done today to make it better 💪  

What do you do in the evenings?

By 5:00 pm we usually try to finish all the bigger discussions and close for the day. Post 5:00 PM, the focus is on what's going to be achieved and finished by today. By 7:00 PM we close the discussions. 

I usually try to come home by 8:00 and just chill for the whole day. Largely within weekdays, the focus is not to pick up any task post 8:00 pm because it starts getting into a burning mode 🔥

How do you manage your workload?

One of the things that we do on a monthly basis is plan every single day well. 

Let's say around the 25th of every month we try to put down a plan for the coming month and then the month starts 📆

The focus is basically to ensure that we are hitting the goals that we have set for that particular day. 

Planning eats a lot of time than execution, but to make sure we don't get into the long hour mode, we come back to reality very quickly.  This ensures that we are not really overkilling a day.

We also ensure that things always go south and if it doesn't we get the whole team together, try to discuss it as soon as possible, and try to take another action than being in a situation where we are trying to hit something and not that's becoming reality anymore 👨‍💻

How do you Identify areas to improve?

One of the primary things that I do in terms of improvement is:

Have a short-term three-month plan and a long-term one-year plan. 

It helps in ensuring that I'm on track both in terms of personal life and professional life and then I reflect upon it every single day 📓

When things start slipping, you understand that this is not going according to the plan and what are the improvements needed. I do this every single morning, just to ensure that I'm actually hitting what I've planned. A few small things help you out in terms of areas where you can possibly improve. Once I identify a fault I focus on it and then improve ✨

I do these small improvements over a period of time and then over a long period, you see a massive outlift of where you were a year ago.  

What do you do for your mental health?

Most mental health issues usually come because you're trying to avoid communication with someone or you're trying not to address the problem.

I ensure that I'm very on point with regard to communication with everyone that I deal with so that I don't pile up any emotions ✨

Whenever a problem hits, the focus is to address the problem as soon as possible, which helps me be more sane in terms of my mental health. 

I've been making sure that everyone around me is in a positive state of mind and that I’m not getting any negativity. 

I've felt more mental pressure whenever there's some negativity around me, so the moment I identify that, the focus is to cut it down immediately.

One more thing that I've done in the last two years is I've started traveling and off-roading. 

When it comes to off-roading, there are mistakes that we always make, but we always keep pushing the limits. The moment you conquer those it will help you do anything else in life and the same about travelling 🏍 

When traveling, we start introspecting how life is going and then when we come back from a trip, we are in a better mental state ✈

I try doing this almost every second week just to make sure that I'm always on point in my life.                                            


Any advice to other entrepreneurs?

The first thing is, one of the primary requirements that you have to have is to be over-ambitious. What is also needed is being in reality and being in control.

If you're not in control, if you're not in reality, you're chasing something that you're never gonna achieve 🏃‍♀️

Second, most entrepreneurs in their early stages feel that hard work is the only solution to success and in reality, it's not right. 

Make sure that your life is easy and smooth. 10 am to 7 pm a day and a five-day work week is more than enough for anybody to hit success. There's no requirement to slack out 10 or 12 hours a day 📆

Ensure that you have a very balanced personal life and professional life because the moment either of them starts going down, you have an immediate impact on your business and you definitely can't afford it 

One of the common misconceptions in businesses is that you think, you want to grow your business at 10X, but more than 20% of business growth is sufficient. Don't try to over-achieve or be over ambitious 🔥

When u try to overachieve you won’t reach your goals and that impacts you mentally. 

Set goals that can be achieved by your team.

Set your one or three-year goal in terms of reality, don't get carried away by what's happening in the market.

Family plays a big role too. You try to work 12 hours and tend to sideline your family. Initially, they will adjust but they will slowly start getting irritated with your behavior that will start ruining relationships. Make sure to keep balance and keep them happy because everything you do in life is an impact on how your personal life is going right now 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦

If you are happy in your personal life you will be able to do 10 times better in your work.

Thank you 🧡