Ayyy, it’s April

Folks, can you believe Q2 has already begun? A couple more blinks and we’ll be in December. At Rocket Health, we’ve been loving what this year has brought us so far and we hope it’s going well for all of you reading this.

Here’s your favourite mental health team’s monthly update so you know what we’ve been doing. Are you ready? Lesss go

Q2 starting strong

  • We’re grinding on Mindful Hustle
  • We sponsored a really cool networking event called ‘Warehouse’
  • We’re super excited for May 27th

Ever wonder how founders work on their mental health?

This past month, we launched our newest Youtube series called “Mindful Hustle”

Here’s where we talk to founders, entrepreneurs and thought-leaders and learn about what their routines are like, what’s important to them and what they do for their mental health. If you haven’t checked it out yet, here’s one to get you started

We were at Warehouse

Our founders Abhineet and Ritika are building and curating a community in Bangalore of like-minded, driven people. And we sponsored the April Edition – can you believe people made it despite the rain?

Keep an eye out for the May edition

Mental health day for the team that works in mental health

So this May 27th, we’re doing our first mental health day for the entire team. No work, no sessions, no slack messages pinging on our devices. A complete standstill, and we’re excited for it.

When was the last time you had a mental health day?

Here's where you can catch us this month

We’ve got weekday events on our discord

  • Co-working, every day from 2-3 pm.
  • Journaling - Thursday from 7-8 pm.

If you’d like to learn more about how to handle what life throws your way, here’s the schedule for our therapist-led sessions for this month!

  • May 3rd (Wed): 7-8pm: Understanding Anxiety
  • May 10th (Wed): 7-8pm: Vulnerabilities in Relationships
  • May 13th (Sat): 12-1pm : What is Self-Worth?
  • May 17th (Wed): 7-8pm : Childhood trauma
  • May 20th (Sat): 12-1pm : Understanding Loneliness
  • May 24th (Wed): 7-8pm : Working on increasing self-esteem
  • May 27th (Sat): 12-1pm : Understanding phobia
  • May 31st (Wed): 7-8pm: Understanding My Anger

Link up, besties

We put out a lot of our updates, the fun things we do around HQ and all the uber cool content, we uber cool folks create (jk…unless)

Here's where we can link up – Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn to stay updated on our events, our team and see why we love doing what we do.

Love is easy, when it’s you!

So happy you’re still reading

If you’re feeling a little lazy, tap your feet and desk-dance to our beats. Check out our April Recap  playlist here!

We put out a new monthly playlist where we document our faves of the month, and what we’ve been bombarded with on Instagram

DJ Balibaby & DJ Rey2Zee have put a lot of love and time into curating these – here's the link to our Spotify because they’re our resident DJs.

We’ve plugged our community and events throughout this email, but have you joined us yet? All our community events are FREE and we’ve made sure that community is supportive and neutral.

Drop by our discord if you haven’t already!

Our mission here at Rocket Health, and yours if you choose to join us on this journey is to cancel the stigma around mental and sexual health

We hope you have a great May, besties!