Hi besties,

HAPPY NEW YEAR! The year sure flies right? It feels like we were just discussing Diwali plans and it’s already 2023…

We won’t take a lot of your time, it’s just us, Rocket Health, coming to you with neatly packaged quick updates so you can know how your favourite mental health team is doing :)

December, as Abhineet said on his Instagram @abhineetsays, “started with a W.”

Keep reading to know what these were!

Here’s what’s been going on in this holly, jolly month of December at Rocket Health:

  • Had our quarterly team work/hang intensive for a week.
  • Celebrated our first year of running RH
  • Started some exciting new projects
  • Welcomed a new furry friend at the HQ

New furry friend

Did you know Zo has a new sister? aunt? cousin? friend? in our beautiful goldie Cleo.

A little clingy, a lot loving, a lottle furry. She’s our new buddy at the HQ.

We’re not sure yet which C-suite exec she’s going to be but we’re inching towards CCO.

That’s Chief-Cuddles-Officer.  

One year of RH

If you already follow us on our platforms, you’d know we’ve been having a blast celebrating our first year of cancelling stigma around mental and sexual health.

We’ve had a few team dinners, a couple of intense brainstorming sessions, and a lot of cuddling time with our resident CHO and CCO.

But before all that, we just want to thank all of you who’ve been along with us for our journey.

We’ve done over 15,000+ hours of therapy. That’s over 625 days, yo (in under 365 days!!!).

We’ve had so much and we’re so grateful that you trust us and keep coming back.

Can’t wait to see what 2023 holds for all of us.

It’s holiday season, gift some therapy to your bestie

It’s that time of year where we might feel down, might be struggling with deadlines, relationships and just general year-end-yuckiness.

If you think someone you love could use some extra help this time of year, we offer therapy sessions that can be gifted to your loved one.

You can  choose to gift your person (or people!) bundles of therapy sessions that start in packs of 4,8, and more.

And as usual, you can always book a single session – this applies to yourself too.

We’re cool ok, here’s where you can catch our coolness, every week:

Our weekday events

  • Co-working, every day from 2-3 pm.
  • Chill with me, every other day 5-6 pm.
  • Journaling - Thursday, 7-8 pm.

BTW exciting news

Starting 2023, we’re going to have TWO (FREE!) therapist-led support sessions a week.

Our therapist-led sessions

These are support groups led by our psychologists at RH discussing various issues and how to cope with stressors.

  • Jan 4: 7-8pm: The New Year Care-- Caring for self in ways that matter to me
  • Jan 7: 12-1: Grief
  • Jan 11: 7-8: Narcissistic Abuse
  • Jan 14: 12-1: Finding Meaning in Life
  • Jan 18: 7-8: Practicing empathy
  • Jan 21: 12-1: Dealing with break-up
  • Jan 25: 7-8: Vulnerabilities in relationships
  • Jan 28: 12-1: Building self-esteem
  • Feb 1: 7-8: Childhood trauma

We’re social butterflies

As we grow, so do our platforms – we’ve got a lot of interesting stuff lined up for these upcoming months.

You can follow us on Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn to stay updated on our events, our team and the exciting things happening in and around mental health.

And of course, you HAVE to follow us if you like, love, are obsessed with dogs.

Our Chief Happiness Officer makes regular and often impromptu appearances on our socials.

I mean she has her own LinkedIn, we’re telling you, she does work at RH.

Trying to keep our heads from floating in the cloud

But wait, there’s more. We’ve got a really welcoming Discord community of over 2500+ members (and swiftly growing thanks to you!)? Have you joined us yet?

That’s where all our events and hangout sessions take place.

Our mission here at Rocket Health, and yours if you choose to join us on this quest , is to cancel the stigma around mental and sexual health.

All our community events are FREE  and the space is designed to be supportive and neutral.

Drop by our Discord community if you haven’t already!  

Hope you have an incredible year ahead!