Hello hello everyone! March is here!

The weather is finally warming up, no?

Good time to shake off the winter blues and start getting ready for summer that’s around the corner!

The team wanted to say hi and let you know what we’ve been up to this past month! Ready?

Let us fill you in on all our Feb deets

  • Our street style interviews are live!
  • Launched a new channel on our Discord server few
  • Launching sleep stories

What do Bangalore peeps have to say?

We’ve been walking and talking around Bangalore talking to people and understand their take on questions related to love, life and mental health.

We’re all curious, right? But who’s going to ask? Worry not, we’ve taken that charge.

You can check out the on-going series on our Instagram!

Some answers are juicy, some are thought-provoking but all of them just show how deeply human we all are

Sooo, if you haven’t seen it yet – check this one out!

From we to me

February is the month of looove, no?

But love can also lead to heartbreak and we understand that.

That’s why this month, we wanted to celebrate you.

We put out weekly prompts that is facilitated by a mental health professional to help you re-focus on yourself post breakup.

Come join us

Let us put you to sleep

Not by being boring, of course, but with our newest free offering! Sleep stories on Youtube!

You can check out our first video here

And if you’d like to know about the connection between sleep and mental health, you can also check out this blog post!

You know we’re always hanging out online, right?

We’ve got weekday events on our discord

  • Co-working, every day from 2-3 pm.
  • Chill with me, every other day 5-6 pm.
  • Journaling - Thursday, 7-8 pm.

If you’d like to learn more about how to handle what life throws your way, here’s the schedule for our therapist-led sessions for this month!

  • Mar 4 (Sat): 12-1pm: Body Shaming
  • Mar 8 (Wed): 7-8pm: Psychology of Eating
  • Mar 11 (Sat): 12-1pm: Unconventional ways of anxiety management
  • Mar 15 (Wed): 7-8pm: An Insight on Procrastination
  • Mar 18 (Sat): 12-1pm: Emotional Agility
  • Mar 22 (Wed): 7-8pm: Managing Self Talk
  • Mar 25 (Sat): 12-1pm: Reducing the impact of Victimization
  • Mar 29 (Wed): 7-8pm: Goal Formation

Memes, info and community

Everyone likes social media, right? RIGHT?!

I mean…we mayyyyy be spending a bit too much time on there, but it’s all in good fun.

You can follow us on IG link, Twitter link and LinkedIn link to stay updated on our events, our team and see why we love doing what we do.  

Thanks for all the kind words, y’all!

And a bit of sad news…

Rocket Health’s sweet Chief Happiness Officer, Zo, is now chasing rotis with the angels.

Our beautiful girl came into our lives for a short but glorious period and brought a lot of energy and joy.

We all miss her dearly, but our fighter is now in a much better place, rid of any pain she was in.  

We’ve plugged our community and events throughout this email, but have you joined us yet?

All our community events are  FREE and we’ve made sure that community is supportive and neutral.

Drop by our discord if you haven’t already!

Our mission here at Rocket Health, and yours if you choose to join us on this journey is to cancel the stigma around mental and sexual health

We hope you have a great March!