What’s up, what’s up?

Summer 2023 is on the horizon! How’s everyone doing? Any plans to visit the sandy shores? Or is it just us dreaming of a beach vacation, rn?

Right on schedule, we’re back to give you a few updates on we’ve been doing, what’s been going with the team and what we’ve got planned.

So, here’s your favourite (and coolest, right? Right?!) mental health team wanted to say hi and let you know what we’ve been up to this past month! Lesss goooo

Marching upwards this March

  • We just launched our content hub
  • Had a dope B2B partnership
  • We hit 20,000 followers on Instagram

Conversations around mental health don’t have to be boring

That’s what we think. So with that idea in mind, we just launched our content hub on our website.

We think it’s super exciting; here’s what you’ll find:

Health guide – your destination to learn all about mental health and how to help yourself or loved ones.

Playlists – vibe match whatever mood you find yourself in; plus new playlists are added every few weeks.

These sections are coming

Brain Bites – quick internet pitstop to know all about the most interesting musings around mental health and beyond.

Mindful Hustle – what drives people, why do they do what they do, and how do they take care of their mental health while “hustling.”

Check it out, and let us know what you think!

Let’s talk business

As a company, we prioritise our team’s mental health. It’s so refreshing to see other Indian companies taking strides to care of their employees’ mental health.

This month saw us hosting a B2B workshop for a wonderful publishing company that spanned over 75 minutes. Everyone ended up loving the session and engaging with our therapist. Turns out our workshop toolkits were a hit too!

Ultimately, your team's mental health >>> everything else.

Are you thinking of getting mental healthcare perks for your team? Get in touch with our team here

We can now fill up the Dhyan Chand National Stadium in Delhi

Okay, what does Rocket Health have to do with a hockey stadium? The answer lies in the number 20,000.

That’s still super vague and disconnected, right? Naaa! We just hit 20,000 followers on our Instagram. And we’re so pumped

We love all the love you cool folk have been showing us and we just hosted a 20k special giveaway.

Still REELing from the fact. Plus catch our team members celebrating this milestone here.

Here’s where you can catch us this month

We ve got weekday events on our discord

  • Co-working, every day from 2-3 pm.
  • Chill with me, every other day 5-6 pm.
  • Journaling - Thursday, 7-8 pm.

If you’d like to learn more about how to handle what life throws your way, here’s the schedule for our therapist-led sessions for this month!

  • Apr 1st (Sat): 12-1pm: Therapy Demystified
  • Apr 8th (Sat): 12-1pm: Caregiver Burden
  • Apr 12th (Wed): 7-8pm: Identifying the symptoms of Adverse Childhood Effect (ACE)
  • Apr 15th (Sat): 12-1pm: Understanding Gaslighting
  • Apr 19th (Wed): 7-8pm: Healthy Boundaries in Relationships
  • April 21st - 6-7pm: Venting session
  • Apr 22nd (Sat): 12-1pm: Understanding Depression
  • Apr 26th (Wed): 7-8pm: Introduction to Substance Abuse
  • Apr 29th (Sat): 12-1pm Understanding Burnout

Always social on social media

Okay, the truth is out. We’re animals.

Social animals, that is. So here’s where you can find us on the internet – Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn to stay updated on our events, our team and see why we love doing what we do.

We love and you love us!

Got some time?

Or just want groove a little during the post-lunch slump? Check out our March Recap playlist here!

We’ll be putting out a new monthly playlist where we document our hits of the month, personal bangers we had on repeat, and whatever social media picked up and played till the beats fell off

Sounds fun, no? Our resident music gurus (DJ Balibaby & DJ Rey2Zee) have put in a lot of love and time into curating these – here's the link to our Spotify

We’ve plugged our community and events throughout this email, but have you joined us yet?

All our community events are  FREE  and we’ve made sure that community is supportive and neutral.

Drop by our discord if you haven’t already!

Our mission here at Rocket Health, and yours if you choose to join us on this journey is to cancel the stigma around mental and sexual health

We hope you have a great April, besties!