This is team Rocket Health coming to you with neatly packaged quick updates so you can know how your favourite mental health team is doing :)

November brought with it some exciting changes to Rocket Health. Keep reading below to find out

Here’s what’s taken flight from our launchpad this month:

It’s hard getting help for ourselves. Even harder to watch someone you love struggling and feeling like your hands are tied.

Allow us to help you help someone you love; we’ve introduced two new products this month:

  • Gift therapy - You can now choose to gift your fav person (or people!) bundles of therapy sessions that start in packs of 4,8, and more. And as usual, you can always book a single session!

  • Couples therapy - In a life filled with challenges, we don’t want you to face challenges in your relationships alone. We have a team of compassionate therapists who can help you build a healthier and happier relationship.

Rocket Health has found their artists (hint: it’s you)

Apart from our regular roster of events (that you can come to join on our Discord, this month we *drum roll pleaseeee*

  • Opened our minds, hearts and our discord space to our incredibly community talent through our first ever Open Mic
  • Our talented community took to the virtual stage to sing, perform spoken word pieces and even show us some magic!

We know you love us, here’s where you can catch us every week:

Here’s how you can hang out with us cool folks at RH; our regular events -

  • Co-working, every day from 2-3 pm.
  • Chill with me, every other day 5-6 pm.
  • Journaling - Thursday, 7-8 pm.

We've also got some insightful therapist-led sessions coming up:

  • Perspective on body shaming - led by Somdatta Mukherjee, Clinical Psychologist (RCI licensed)
  • Anger and how to manage it - led by Purvi Gohil, Counselling Psychologist
  • Anxiety and associated issues- led by Paras Agarwal, Counselling Psychologist  
  • Walking through New Year resolutions- led by Sheliza Dahal, Counselling Psychologist

          and much more!

Who doesn’t love compliments, right?

Our whole team works really hard to make sure that we provide the right care to you, and such wholesome messages just make our day

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Special message from the founder

All of us here at Rocket Health are trying to figure life out – you probably are too.

We’ve got these timelines are ingrained in our minds from an early age, consciously or subconsciously.

Whether it was graduating college by 22, getting married by 30, or retiring by 65, there is always something that a certain age should have done.

Abhineet’s decided he’s done with that prescribed life plan.

Oh btw, have you joined our Discord community of over 2000 members (and swiftly growing thanks to you!) That’s where all our events and hangout sessions take place.

Our mission here at Rocket Health, and yours if you choose to join us on this quest, is to cancel the stigma around mental and sexual health. All our community events are RREE and the space is designed to be supportive and neutral.

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